Ewysiwyg (ewysiwyg) wrote in childfreepoly,

Bad Moderator

Hello, my name is Erica, and I am a bad moderator.

I am so sorry. I have totally abandoned this group and I feel really bad about it. I was a single, childfree poly person hith no job and a lot of time on her hands when I started this group, and felt the need for there to be somewhere for other single, childfree poly people to complain or rejoice the way I did.

Since then, I went back to school, got married (to a man who has part time children. It hasn't changed my mind, but the complaining has to be kept to a dull roar. I may not like/want/need/accept children's exsistence, but that doesn't mean I want them to grow up to be self loathing serial killers hell bent on revenge either.) And life got in the way of my maintenance and support plans.

Someone else wandered over to my own journal ewysiwyg and let me know there was a spammer over here, so for that, I am very grateful. Please, do let me know when this place gets all cobwebby and spraypainted on, and I wil do my best to come back over and shoo out the vagrants. I may not live in this neighborhood anymore, but I have such fond memories of the place, and I don't want to see a meth lab go up. If someone else thinks they may even READ this journal even once a week, so they are better adept at mderating, I would gladly pass it along.

I'm a bad moderator. Accepting it is the first step. Changing that may be too many more steps than I am willing to accept any time soon. *is very lazy*
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