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Hey - There's not often much activity on this list.. so.. um.. ~poke~

Hi there other cute poly childfree people!!

I was just wondering where other folks are hailing from and perhaps.. a bit of how being Childfree affects your being poly (or vice versa, poly affecting your childfreeness)? 

Hubby, Grrlfriend and I are all from the PA / Philly area. Hubby & Girlfriend are sterilized, i'm on BC and kinda naturally sterile because of PCOS (yay!)(kinda). 

Being childfree tends to affect the sweeties i look to date. I certainly won't have a Primary partner who desires sprogs, and thus far i've avoided having any sweeties with chitlins. I just feel that being a parent means your child is your Primary.. and if i'm getting involved with the adult, then by happenstance there will be a relationship with their child as well..and i don't need all that added in. 

Anywho.. Hi!  Chime in if you'd like to :)
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I'm just not interested in being a parent, so I don't date men who have children or hope to have children some day. Being poly means it's possible for my partners to have or want children when I don't, because they can have other partners, but my lifestyle sort of revolves around being child-free, so a relationship with a parent would be strained, at best, even if I am not a co-parent figure.

Both of my current sweeties are sterilized. I've put off my own sterilization procedure because it's expensive and intrusive, but if I ever start a relationship with someone who isn't sterilized and doesn't want to be, I'll have to initiate my own procedure.

Being child-free hasn't really limited my dating pool very much. The people whom I find I am attracted to, because of similar outlooks on life, also happen to share my views on parenthood. I don't necessarily go out of my way to find child-free people simply because those people already have so many other things in common with me and parent-type people have differences in views and priorities, so it just kinda works itself out.