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grumblegrumble - this is why i will never need to drop any sprogs from my crotch..

I'm Big Sister to 2 brothers. One 21, one 24. The 21 year old is a Mormon and getting ready to go a-missioning in the great state of Colorado for a couple years. ~shrug~ weirdo, but whatever.

24 year old is a recovering drug addict (pills, oxy's in particular), hippy, wanna be music star. (he is actually *really* good at bass guitar).

(And just for the record, I ended up as a kinky, poly, pagan grrl)

Our dad is dead and wasn't much of a "get yer hands dirty" kinda parenter even when he was around. My mom is off in FL ( middle brother and i are in PA). My Mom is a classic text book enabler, of everything. She's gotta be part jellyfish with the amt of spine she's lacking. 

Now that middle bro is back up in PA (he lived with the 'rents in FL for a while, but desired to come back up here)..guess who gets to 'take care' of him? Big Sis. :|

I mean, i do love the lil bugger and he's been through a lot (seeing our dad die right in front of him, one of his best friends committing suicide, etc etc etc..) and he's really trying to change his life because he's tired of living how he has been. 

But i'm like..all the sudden playing Mom to a 24 yo who has the practical life skills of a spoiled brat. (and i'm doing better than my actual mother, as she has said herself!!). I changed his diaper when he was a baby, and i'm still supporting him and all his shit.  

So for people who claim that the childfree can never "really" know what it's like to parent a child.. they can kiss my ass. I'm doing more Parenting than most the breeders i see, I'm doing more/better parenting than my parents gave to me.  I don't need to reproduce, i've already got a kid to raise. 
(Oh, and thank gods my hubby is mr. fucking awesome, coz he didn't sign on to become Mr. Insta Dad but he's being a trooper right along with me and taking his role as Strong Sane Male Role Model seriously.)

So, yeah. I'm never having kids. 24 years later and they still need saving from themselves. GRRRRR. ~breathes~ Thanks, i just needed to vent to folks who understand.. :)
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