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Greetings to all

Just happened across this comm through my wifeys LJ and joined up. I am definitely childfree with no regrets and actively searching for loves to share this litle trip around the sun with us.

It is SO hard to meet people that are both poly AND cf. Most can semi-absorb one or the other (with extreme difficulty most times), but both seems to be a bit much for the common folk to handle. It's strange, they all envy how I am but can't seem to take the plunge and actually BE like me.

So take a look at my info and LJ if ya wanna know more about me. I don't believe in F-locking my posts, so nothing is hidden. It is who and what I am, without apology. Feel free to ask questions or friend me, I could use some friends of like mind! :)

Glad to meet yas. *bows*
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