Ewysiwyg (ewysiwyg) wrote in childfreepoly,

It's Been A Long Time Baby

I know there is probably no one on this list.

I created it, and I have no idea why, since I frankly did not want to moderate it, and had no intention of starting little conversations that were supposed to lead anywhere meaningfully.

But I did have a thought about it, and I am putting it out to the universe.

Childfree and Poly. It was already so specified a group . . . but still, I wish I had somehow magically turned it into a dating community.

I am so sick of belonging to any of the singles, chat-up, dating services online.

It doesn't matter how many times I mention in my profile that I do not, and will not date a man who lives at home with his children, I still get a hundred responses from men who's profiles say things like "I don't love anyone like I love Little Billy, seen here in our home."

It's weird enough being poly on a singles board. It's hard to explain poly sometimes--but it's much harder to explain when you are single.

"Yes, I find in myself an ability to love and responsibly maintain relationships with more than one person. No, I am not seeing anyone else. Yes, that does mean that I will keep looking after we hook up." *sigh*

As if monogomous people stop dating other people after the first date, on the presumption that this one is The One.

So if there are still available polyamorous childfree men on this panel, feel free to come hit on me.

Because this frustrated huffy look is SOO attractive on me, right? :D

Moderator Erica
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